In celebration of reaching 5,555 followers on this main blog, I decided to make a texture pack to show my love and gratitude for you all! Inside are several textures, including some Harry Potter related word art and designs, some of which you can see in my recent graphics!

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of my followers for your love and support over the last few years and this is just a little something to give back to you all and I hope you like it!

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ohmycapswan’s TEXTURE PACK #1

So this is my first resource set ever… don’t be too hard on me lol. I hope you guys like it.

All these textures were made with pictures I took myself. This pack includes 15 random textures I made.


  • Reblog if you download.
  • DO NOT redistribute or claim as yours.
  • Credit is not necessary, but appreciated.
  • You don’t have to, but if you want, I’d love to see the graphics you make with them!



My Texture Pack II (not all textures are shown in the preview).

Contains some edited/colored papers, black and white textures,grainy and more.

It would mean very much to me if you liked or reblogged this after taking. Feedback’s also appreciated!

Download: here I  zip ; here I rar



6 TEXTURES 800x600px

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Dont claim as yours

Dont post them without my permission

Credit me if you can

Thanks and enojy!


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TEXTURE PACK #05 - This pack contains 20 textures, which were inspired by nature. Sizes are between 500x400 and 500x750. I hope you’ll find them useful.

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Download: MF | DeviantArt

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20 nature inspired textures made from my own photos. Dowload here

This is my first time making this kind of texture, so I hope they’re useful.
Please like or reblog if you dl them <3

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Texture pack!

  • 10 textures;
  • pattern-based geometric textures;
  • download deviantArt or MediaFire;
  • like and/or reblog if you use;

Enjoy! :-)

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typography pack made by textuers and japanaesi

Do not steal.Please do not use our resource to make your own and redistributing these typographies without proper credit is strictly prohibited.

if youre from instagram, credit us by tagging us in the picture. thank you.

like/reblog if you downloaded.

download: mf | da

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guess who’s getting close to 10,000 followers! i want to thank everyone who follows this blog and supports it! im sorry i’ve been inactive, i havent been on tumblr in general for a while. but im back and ready to help you lovely people! xx

Anonymous asked: to that anon asking about texture packs: follow the links in safari to the download until it gives you a link to download the file, click that, and a white screen will pop up. in the top right and left there will be options to open them in an app. pick your file unzipper, and from there unzip the pack in your app of choice. i prefer to use downloads plus, bc it has a built in web browser. hope I helped! xx

i think this might work!

if any of you want to download textures on mobile, follow the steps! xx

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